CRF 2019 Official Selections

 In our first year running we have received 1,611 submissions (1,063 by professional Adult Filmmakers, 497 by University Students, and 162 works by children) from 104 countries representing all continents except for Antarctica.

There have been many wonderful films which we would have loved to include in edition of the CRF but we had to be realistic.  It took us some time to make a decision but in the end we selected 70 films.

Total duration 10 hours 25 minutes.

33 Films made by Female directors

30 films made by Male directors

7 films made by mixed gender groups.

34 films made by Professional Adults

19 films made by university students

16 films made by children

The films come from 31 with all continents except for Antarctica represented.

Oldest filmmaker is 48 years old, 

with the average age of submitters at 24 years old 

and the youngest registered filmmaker is 6 years old. 

Highest budgeted film submitted stands at $959,437

Average budget of submitted films stands at $20,308

Lowest recorded  budgeted submitted film stands at $50

2019 Selections